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Online Workshop Needs

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Online Workshop Needs

Teaching English/Language Arts Virtually


via Zoom


**These workshops are best experienced as a series, but can also be taken as independent sessions.**


One Friday a Month

´╗┐9:00am- 12:00pm

Via Zoom


January 22, 2021

#1 Reading


February 19, 2021

#2 Writing


April 16, 2021

#3 Graphic Organizers/



May 14, 2021

#4 Reflecting on Need &

Planning for Next Year


Dr. Lara Searcy is an Assistant Professor, English Education Specialist at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK, where she teaches English teacher candidates. She is a former high school English teacher and middle school Literacy Resource Specialist and is Nationally Board Certified in AYA-ELA. In 2018, she was awarded the Circle of Excellence in Teaching from NSU. Her research interests include teacher efficacy, standards-based reforms, and teacher professional development. She is a proud member of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and is currently the President of the Oklahoma affiliate- OKCTE



Online Workshop Needs (OWN):

#1 Reading

OWN Your READING Instruction!

Teachers will engage in instructional and assessment strategies (for online or in-person teaching) that will aid in their planning, teaching, and assessing of READING, including:   

reflecting on reading processes; 

critically reading genres for a variety of purposes and audiences; 

selecting texts that are engaging and relevant, from a variety of historical, cultural, ethnic, and global perspectives;

creating and reviewing a range of authentic assessments;

integrating reading with writing;

using contemporary technologies.


#2 Writing

OWN Your WRITING Instruction!

Teachers will engage in instructional and assessment strategies (online or in-person teaching) that will aid in their planning, teaching, and assessing of WRITING, including:   

  • reflecting on writing processes; 
  • utilizing different writing modes for a variety of purposes and audiences; 
  • drafting authentic writing prompts; 
  • providing feedback that promotes development and growth; 
  • creating and reviewing a range of rubrics and authentic assessments;
  • integrating reading with writing;
  • using contemporary technologies.


#3. Graphic Organizers/ Templates

OWN Your Instruction!

Teachers will engage in reading and writing strategies (focused on the use of graphic organizers) to help them understand and analyze the importance and purpose of how text is structured and how that can aid in reading comprehension and writing organization. Teachers will create/use multiple assignment “templates” they can transfer to their own content.

OAS-ELA 6-12.3.R.6- Students will analyze the structures of texts (e.g., compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect, claims/evidence) and content by making complex inferences about texts to draw logical conclusions from textual evidence.

OAS-ELA 6-12.3.W.2- Students will compose essays and reports about topics, incorporating evidence (e.g., specific facts, examples, details) and maintaining an organized structure and a formal style.


#4. Reflecting On Needs & Planning for Next Year

OWN Your Planning!

´╗┐Teachers will reflect on the year to assess their own instructional and assessment effectiveness. Teachers will make instructional decisions to plan for the next year in order to be responsive to their own and student needs. This is the most important part of planning, but often we do not provide time for it-- so this workshop builds in that reflection time with resources on curriculum development!


Target Audience:

ALL Teachers- but primarily focused on upper elementary/secondary (5th-12th grade) ELA teachers



$100 for a single session for OSAC members

$350 for all 4 sessions for OSAC members


$150 for a single session for non-members

$550 for all 4 sessions for non-members



Register Now!

*We are committed to safety by providing physical distancing, taking temperature, providing individual hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes available, individual pens and packets, boxed lunch - as safe as we can make it. We require all attendees to wear a mask unless seated and socially distanced. We understand that the future is uncertain and should the situation dictate, we will follow current guidelines, and cancel if needed.  

Cancellation Policy:

Since meals, presenters, training materials, and other costs are pre-paid by OSAC, please provide notice of cancellation at least 4 days prior to any OSAC event you are registered to attend. Your district will not be charged for cancellations made within 4 days of the event. Cancellations within 48 hours of an OSAC event will be charged at half price. No-shows will be charged at full price. Thank you for understanding!

Thank You for Supporting This and Other OSAC Events!



Billie Jordan
Executive Director

Cell: (918) 931-2494


Dr. Kaylin Coody
Associate Director

Cell: (918) 640-0787


Raychel Harris
Administrative Assistant


Oklahoma Schools Advisory Council
2403 N. 41st Street East
Muskogee, OK 74403-1889
Office: (918) 687-0597

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