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The Oklahoma Schools Advisory Councill was formed in March, 1980, under the Oklahoma Interlocal Cooperative Act   (74 O.S. Supp. 1970, Section 1001 ect. Seq.).  Prior to 1980, the Council was the Educational Planning Section of the Eastern Oklahoma Development District, (EODD), but was never provided adequate and qualified staff to fully meet the potential expected of the Council.More than forty school districts in the original seven county EODD region were charter member schools in the creation of the Council.  By January 1, 2001, the Council membership had grown to include 190 public education school districts, technology centers, colleges and universities.  Membership has always been open to any interested educational entity or individuals in Oklahoma. ​In 1987, the Council recognized the need for improvement in school district cost accounting.  A series of ten workshops on cost accounting, sponsored by the Council, led to the development and implementation by the Oklahoma State Department of Education of  The New Oklahoma Cost Accounting System, OCAS.  All Oklahoma Public Schools were on the OCAS system beginning July 1, 1991. The Schools Advisory Council has grown to include 270 members, and offers to State Legislators and our U.S. Congressional delegation information on a variety of educational issues.  The Council makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information to assist legislators

"Our main objective is to identify and and meet the needs of Oklahoma educators by providing workshops and seminars, and supporting education."


Welcome to the Oklahoma Schools Advisory website where our purpose is to assist the Oklahoma education community in promoting and enhancing public education. Our main objective is to identify and and meet the needs of Oklahoma educators by providing workshops and seminars, and supporting education. Knowing that you probably have many questions about the nature and services we offer, we hope this website will provide answers to as many of these questions as possible.  Please take the time to review our site.  Wondering where to sign up for new workshops? Click on  Events to either see our upcoming Trainings or Meetings! You can check out several of our events scheduled over the next few months. If you don't follow us on Facebook - please do! Our Facebook page is updated frequently with information and links for fast registration to our workshops! Would you like to see if your district is an OSAC Member? There is a list provided under Members. If you do not see your district's name and would like to become a member, simply click on the link provided. There is no cut off date for new memberships! Are you searching for more information on how to support our organization? The Members page will allow you to easily become a member, assisting us in providing many professional development and training opportunities for our Oklahoma educators! YOUR SUPPORT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! If you have any additional questions, comments, or would like to discuss the need for a specific workshop topic, please contact us at 918-687-0597. Thank you!


2403 North 41st Street East Muskogee, OK, 74403




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